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Year 9 History

Following is a series of attachments that you can access by double clicking on the underlined headings. Please be patient as they can be slow to upload. Feel free to access the starter and homework activities for extra learning for your student!

The following attachments are labelled 1a etc due to limited space for labelling. Therefore:

1a = Term 1 The Industrial Revolution

1b = Term 1 Making a Nation

2a = Term 2 Australia at War

This is the order that these subjects are studied!



9Hist Scope and Sequence (docx 14 KB)

9Hist 1a Subject Outline (docx 15 KB)

9Hist 1b Subject Outline (docx 20 KB)

9Hist 2a Subject Outline (docx 18 KB)


Assessment Tasks

Assessment task (docx 43 KB)


Starter sheets

9Hist 1a Metalanguage (pdf 354 KB)

9Hist 1a Metalanguage (pdf 290 KB)

9Hist 1b Metalanguage (pdf 309 KB)

9Hist 2a Metalanguage (pdf 457 KB)


9Hist 1a Readings 2016 (pptx 277 KB)

9Hist 1a Readings 2016 (pptx 285 KB)

9Hist 1b Readings 2016 (pptx 703 KB)

9Hist 2a Readings 2016 (pptx 3531 KB)



Extra Learning activities

9Hist Homework Book (pdf 4062 KB)


Excursion Photos

9Hist Excursions (pptx 2432 KB)