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Extended Leave

Certificate of Extended Leave - Travel will apply to students who travel or take holidays outside of school vacation periods. This leave is recorded as an absence. Parents will be required to complete an Application for Extended Leave - Travel and then provide it to the Principal for their consideration. The Principal will not accept a reason for travel during term if it is not in the best interest of the student. Educational, social and participation reasons, should be specified on the application. Travel documentation, such as travel itinerary or e-tickets should be attached to the application. Families should try to arrange holidays during school vacations.

Extended Leave - Travel (pdf 85 KB)

Exemption from Attendance at School applies to students of compulsory school age who are enrolled at school where an exemption is sought from the legal requirement to attend school. Certificates of Exemption from compulsory education requirements of the Act may be granted when it has been clearly demonstrated by the applicant that an exemption is in the student's best interests. To gain approval for a school exemption an Application for Exemption From Attendance at School must be completed prior to the intended leave being taken and returned to the school as soon as possible. If the exemption is approved by the Principal the parents will be issued with a Certificate of Exemption.

Application for Exemption (pdf 57 KB)