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Year 7-8

Year 7

Year 7 Music caters for students of all musical backgrounds. We will provide students with the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for inclusive active engagement and enjoyment of music through:

  • Performance - as a means of expression by interpreting musical notation, both written and graphic, to develop solo and ensemble performance techniques.
  • Composition and musical creation as a means of self-expression; verbal and aural communication.
  • Listening as a means of extending our students' understanding of the concepts of Music; and communicating knowledge and understanding about varied genres of music and their development in a social, cultural and historical context.


Year 8

Year 8 Music is the first step in building on the Introduction to Music Course that students complete in Year 7. Continuing with performance, ensemble and composition activities students will explore many genres of music like:

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Contempary and Popular Music

Students will have the opportunity to develop instrumental techniques on drums, guitar, keyboard and voice. There is a continual momentum towards ensemble activities and developing the ability to play music with other people.

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