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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning 

The Teaching and Learning faculty focuses strongly on learning support for students from Year 7 to 12.  We have ‘learning supported' classes in Stage 4, with a focus on a middle school model and Stage 5 classes for Years 9 and 10. These classes receive intensive support in literacy and numeracy but are mainstream classes following a regular curriculum.  Each class has the additional support of a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) and all classes benefit from LAST (Learning and Support) Team assistance. These classes are driven by the HT and generalist teaching staff. Students are also taught techniques to improve their reading and comprehension skills through various literacy and numeracy interventions.

In addition, we have our Intensive Smallgroup Tutition Program and QuickSmart. SGTP provides small group tuition covering the core aspects of Literacy and/or Numeracy for students identified as needing additional support. Developing fundamental skills in Literacy and Numeracy aims to further improve student achievement across all Key Learning Areas. QuickSmart is a basic skills intervention designed for working intensively with students who demonstrate persistently low levels of achievement in Mathematics. The program aims to improve students’ ability to easily and quickly recall number facts and perform basic computation skills. 



NAPLAN helps governments, education authorities and schools to see whether our students are reaching important literacy and numeracy goals. It provides information about how education programs are working, areas for improvement, and which schools need additional support in the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.

It can support school improvement by enabling teachers to monitor their students’ progress over time against the national measure, to identify strengths and areas to improve in teaching programs. It provides additional information to support teacher judgement about progress in a child’s level of literacy and numeracy attainment.

NAPLAN also allows parents to see how their child is progressing against national standards in literacy and numeracy and over time as it is one of several assessments used to check that the essential skills of reading, writing and mathematics are being learnt to assist in setting them on the path to success as adults.

NAPLAN offers students an insight into where they are at on their learning journey - when students know how they are progressing academically, they are able to set achievable goals for further learning growth .

Students can’t fail NAPLAN as it’s not that type of test – it is a test that provides schools, families and students with information on what can be done to further support each students learning.

NAPLAN tests are only one aspect of each school’s assessment and reporting process, and do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance.



Students need reading, writing and numeracy for everyday life after school, however, to be successful, our students need to be proficient in these skills.This is why students in NSW are being supported to meet a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC.

To show they meet the HSC minimum standard, students need to achieve Level 3 or 4 in short online reading, writing and numeracy tests of skills for everyday life. Multiple test opportunities are provided from Year 10 onwards and students are supported to gain the skills they need to pass.

Some students with disability studying Life Skills courses may be exempt from meeting the minimum standard to receive their HSC credential.

Together with the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, the HSC minimum standard is part of an effort to improve the literacy and numeracy outcomes for students.



Students who do not demonstrate the minimum standard before they complete Year 12, can apply to sit for one or more minimum standard online tests after they leave school.

To be eligible, you need to have fulfilled all your HSC requirements except for the minimum standard of literacy and/or numeracy.

You can sit for the tests up to 5 years after starting your first HSC course.

There is no cost to sit for the test(s).

To sit the Minimum Standards Test after you have finished school, use the link below to submit your interest in attempting these tests a minimum of 21 days before your preferred date and you will be contacted to organise a test session.


LaST (Learning & Support Teachers)

Northlakes High School has a proactive, flexible and responsive Learning and Support Team who provide direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with additional learning and support needs and their teachers. 

The role reflects the needs of the individual students, school priorities and programs that support students with additional learning and support needs.

LaST- The Learning and Support Teacher:

  • works with classroom teachers to support assessment for learning for their students with additional education needs and to identify specific learning and support needs.

  • plans, implements, models, monitors and evaluates teaching programs for students with additional learning and support needs in conjunction with the classroom teacher, student and/or parent or carer. 

  • provides  support to students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies (including direct instruction, delivery of adjusted learning programs, assessment and monitoring of progress) including the areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour. This may include students with confirmed disabilities.

  • provides professional specialist advice, support and mentoring to classoom teachers on: how best to cater for the diverse learning needs in their classrooms, and how to effectively work in partnership with families to maximise learning opportunities for students at school and at home. This is commonly delivered through Individual Education Plans which are developed in consultation with parents and students and support teachers in meeting the learning needs of all students.

  • provides professional specialist advice and assistance about students with additional learning needs to the school's learning and support team, and assists with professional learning for class teachers and school learning support officers within their school and local network of schools where appropriate.

Our Staff

Jarad Freebody (HT T&L)

Grant Clowes (LaST)

Lisa Pratt (LaST)

Donna Edwards (LaST)

Melanie Asmar (LaST)

Gemma Newcombe (CRT LaST)

Elise Thumath (CRT LaST)

Sally Christensen (CRT)

Jake Dalli (CRT)

Pernell Filipo (Paraprofessional)

Alex Booker (Paraprofessional)

Sarah Yates (Paraprofessional)

Paige Watts (CRT)

Mitchell Allanson (CRT)

Rhys Hughes (CRT)

Lois Hewitt (Careers and Transition)

Rocky Zappia (Librarian)