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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning Overview

The Teaching and Learning faculty focuses strongly on learning support for students from Year 7 to 12.  We have two ‘learning supported' classes in Year 7 and one in Year 8 with a Stage 5 class for Years 9 and 10.  These classes receive intensive support in literacy and numeracy but are mainstream classes following a regular curriculum.  Each class has the additional support of a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) and all classes benefit from LAST (Learning and Support) Team assistance.

All Teaching & Learning programs are differentiated to meet the various needs of the students we teach.

Our English programs are designed to cater for the literacy needs of students with additional learning needs across Year 7 to 10. The activities are sequenced from reading to writing with explicit scaffolded lessons to guide students through the processes.

Students are also taught techniques to improve their reading and comprehension skills through the "Gail Brown Comprehension", "Corrective Reading" and "Withdrawal Reading" programs.

More information about programs and assessment is provided by following each link to the appropriate Year group.


Equipment Requirements

In Years 7 and 8 we hold student books in the classroom.  Please ensure your child has a separate workbook for each subject.  Additionally, it would be appreciated if your child has a pencil case with spare pens and pencils, an eraser, glue stick and ruler.  Students also need a calculator (Casio Scientific) for Maths which can be purchased at the school canteen.  Calculators can be purchased elsewhere however it is important that students are all using the same calculator so that operations can be taught uniformly.

Individual Learning Plans

Parents/caregivers are invited to attend a Student Learning Plan meeting with the Teaching and Learning staff.  This gives staff and parents the opportunity to discuss programs and the individual needs of students.   If it is for you to attend a meeting during school hours we can arrange to complete a Student Learning Plan over the phone.


LAST (Learning & Support Teachers)

(see DEC Website)

The Learning and Support Teachers, through the school's learning and support team, provide direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with additional learning and support needs and their teachers. 

The role reflects the needs of the individual students and school priorities and programs that support students with additional learning and support needs.

The Learning and Support Teacher:

  • works collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support assessment for learning of their students with additional education needs and identify specific learning and support needs
  • plans, implements, models, monitors and evaluates teaching programs for students with additional learning and support needs in conjunction with the classroom teacher, student and/or parent or carer
  • provides direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies (including direct instruction, delivery of adjusted learning programs, assessment and monitoring of progress) including the areas of social integration, language and communication, literacy, numeracy and behaviour.  This may include students with confirmed disabilities.
  • provides professional specialist advice, support and mentoring to classoom teachers on: how best to cater for the diverse learning needs in their classrooms, and how to effectively work in partnership with families to maximise learning opportunities for students at school and at home
  • provides professional specialist advice and assistance about students with additional learning needs to the school's learning and support team, and
  • assists with professional learning for class teachers and school learning support officers within their school and local network of schools where appropriate.

LAST programs include:

  • Corrective Reading
  • Gail Brown Comprehension
  • Withdrawal Reading
  • Quicksmart

Our Staff

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