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Year 9 English

Year 9 classes study English across four core topics spread throughout the year. Students will explore a different unit each term, including: Survival in Novels and Film; Media & Persuasion, Shakespeare Comparative Study: Romeo & Juliet; and Going Global: Picture Books & Non-Fiction. Our programs are based on the K-10 English Australian Curriculum, with an emphasis on strengthening students reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing and representing skills. Students will also sit their NAPLAN exam during Year 9, in which will be assessed on literacy including reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation).


NAPLAN Reading Magazine P1 (pdf 808 KB)

NAPLAN Reading Paper P1 (pdf 124 KB)

NAPLAN Reading Answers P1 (pdf 66 KB)

NAPLAN Language Paper P1 (pdf 105 KB)

NAPLAN Language Answers P1 (pdf 69 KB)

NAPLAN Writing P1 (pdf 87 KB)

NAPLAN Writing P2 (pdf 406 KB)

NAPLAN 2008 Reading Mag (pdf 4293 KB)

NAPLAN Reading 2011 Answers (pdf 166 KB)

NAPLAN Reading 2011 Paper (pdf 1237 KB)

NAPLAN Language Paper (pdf 732 KB)