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Banyandah (Home of the Water) and the house colour is Green, and the logo is Water.

The Patrons are Mrs Curran & Ms Pidgeon.

Banyandah 1 Mr Collins

Banyandah 2 Mr Seaby

Banyandah 3 Mrs Donges

Banyandah 4 Mrs Brimbecom

Attached Staff

 Mr Smythe, Ms Finn, Mr Purnell, Mr Reid, Mr Howard, Mrs Mularczyk, Mrs Chandler, Mrs Cross & Ms Davis





Banyandah has three war cries!


1.  What does the croc say ???? SNAP...SNAP...SNAP...SNAP...SNAP


2.  Gators, gators, we are strong, 1st place is where we belong.

     Team Banyandah standing tall, be afraid when you hear our call.

     Hot like fire, strong like stone, Everyone else should just go home.

     We won't lose, don't be fooled, We've come here to run this school!

     Gators, Gators, CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP!!


3.  We are the house of water, and the things that lurk beneath.

    Those mighty, mighty creatures with all those mighty teeth.

     And just when you think you are safe, the crocs will come for you,

     then CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!

     Banyandah just beat you!!