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Rules and policies

Rules and policies are in place to make sure your child remains safe and well at school.

Visit the NSW Department of Education’s policy library for all current operational policies.

Attendance and absences

Students must attend school regularly so they can achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options.

In NSW, all children from the age of 6 are legally required to attend school or be registered for home schooling through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). All students must complete Year 10, or its equivalent.

For more information about compulsory school attendance, visit:

School frameworks (school procedures)

The following frameworks apply to students at our school.

Anti-Racism Policy

The Anti-Racism Policy promotes respect and harmony in the school environment. It aims to ensure that educational opportunities are fair for all students regardless of their culture, language or religious background. The policy:

·         recognises the impact of racism on Aboriginal people

·         ensures that schools hold high expectations of all students and that no one group of students is stopped from reaching their full potential because of their cultural, religious or linguistic background

·         requires all members of the school community to think about their own behaviour and make sure their actions don’t result in other people experiencing racism

·         requires all staff to complete training so they understand their responsibilities in preventing racism

·         requires each school to have a trained Anti-Racism Contact Officer.

Translations of factsheet providing parents and carers with information about the Anti-Racism Policy and the role of the Anti-Racism Contact Officer are available here

A copy of the full policy is available here

What is an Anti-Racism Contact Officer?

An Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) is a teacher nominated by the principal who assists in leading anti-racism education in the school. The ARCO assists the principal by providing:

·         support to build staff understanding of the impact of racism on student learning and wellbeing

·         advice to students and staff on how to respond when they see or hear incidents of racism

·         advice on what strategies the school can implement to address racism.

The ARCO is trained to provide advice to parents and carers, and teachers and students about the procedure for resolving complaints about racism. If requested, the ARCO can also act as a support person or advocate during the complaints resolution process.

What should I do if my child is experiencing racism at school?

If your child is experiencing racism at school, you should encourage them to report it to a teacher or the school’s Anti-Racism Contact Officer, or you may report it on your child’s behalf.