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Northlakes High School has a strong wellbeing focus, based on the belief that students learn best in a safe, supportive environment. Programs have been developed to increase the social and personal development of students as well as provide a framework for addressing concerns or issues that arise on a day to day basis. All staff is aware that student wellbeing underpins all school endeavours and that everyone has a role to play in providing the optimum learning conditions.

The wellbeing team of Northlakes High School is a large collaborative and hardworking team consisting of the Principal, two Deputy Principals, a Head Teacher Wellbeing, a Head Teacher Student Engagement, Head Teacher Aboriginal Learning Pathways and Engagement, Year Advisors, School, Counsellors, Personal Relationships Coordinator, ARCO, Chaplain, Student Support Officer, Aboriginal Coordinator, School Learning Support Officers, LAST teachers and a dedicated staff that endeavours to promote the school PBL values of Respect, Responsibly and Personal Best to all students of NHS.

Northlakes High School is concerned with the learning and wellbeing of all its students. Its aims for the students to:

  • Have high self-esteem as learners and people
  • Be self-directed as learners and people
  • Achieve academically by thinking, applying and verifying
  • Possess the processing skills of communication, decision making, problem solving and understand accountability and the advantages of cooperation
  • Have concern for the environment, self and others
  • Display and value the NHS PBL beliefs of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best