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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students.

Whole School Expectations

Northlakes High School focuses on three main expectations of students and staff.

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Personal Best

Each member of our school community strives to exhibit these qualities in all settings of the school.

PBL Matrix (docx 146 KB)

House System

Northlakes High School evenly distributes students into eight house groups, to promote a community spirit and encourage positive behaviour.

  • Yindarra – House of Thunder (Orange)
  • Panamuna – House of The Ocean (Blue)
  • Dilkara – House of the Rainbow (Purple)
  • Allunga – House of the Sun(Yellow)
  • Barakee – House of Stones/Gems (Pink)
  • Bimbimbie – House of Birds (Red)
  • Banyandah – House of Water (Green)
  • Goolara – House of Moonlight (Silver)

Points are awarded to students for positive behaviour, academic success or sporting achievements. The winning house is invited on a rewards excursion at the end of each term.

Reward System

Positive behaviour is encouraged through the use of our school's reward system. These rewards are consistent throughout all faculties and year groups to ensure fairness and equality for students demonstrating Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best. These rewards are linked to our school's house system, with points allocated to a student's house group upon receiving their award.

  • Gotchas

These are small tokens given to students who demonstrate Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best in various settings of the school. They are handed out by Classroom Teachers, School Learning Support Officers and other staff to encourage positive behaviour or actions, such as active participation in a classroom discussion or successful completion of class work. Points from these Gotchas are tallied and added to house totals, before being used in a weekly prize draw.

  • Weekly Gotcha Draws

Gotchas are collected and used in a weekly prize draw on assembly. Students selected from the draw receive vouchers to purchase items from the school canteen.

  • Classroom Commendations

Students are awarded Classroom Commendations for excellent work in assessment tasks, projects or tests. These are approved by school's Senior Executive and addressed to Parents/Carers to acknowledge the high standard of work that has been completed.

  • Year Advisor's Awards

Year Advisors present awards to students who have achieved five Classroom Commendations. These are awarded to students on assemblies, so success can be recognised by staff and peers.

  • Principal's Awards

These awards and received for accumulation of five Year Advisor's Awards, or outstanding demonstration of the whole school expectations of Respect, Responsibility and Personal Best.